Volvo 140 B20 Nippondenso Alternator Conversion

Volvo 140 Series Bosch - SEV Nippondenso Alternator Conversion

Check out this nifty alternative to the stock Bosch or SEV alternator on a Volvo B20B, B20E, B20F. Thanks to Bill Jungck of . This Nippondenso alternator has an internal regulator.

The lower hole in the alternator I bored to 1/2 inch for the mounting bolt. I made two spacers about .650 inch / 16.50mm thick for the top and bottom bolts. Follow Bill Jungck’s wiring instructions and voila!

Stuart’s 1968 Volvo 142S has headers so used a 10x875 belt that would move the alternator towards the end of it’s travel. I think that for most installations a 10x860 or 10x865 belt would be about right.

Wish we would have had these a few years ago when struggling with the stock alternators.

Charles /

Bill said that he also rebuilds the old Bosch / SEV Marchal alternators.

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